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Writing Projects

Time Lord Victorious
So here's where I'm at:

Legend of the Traveling House - Nine/Rose - AU - Super close to being done. Maybe 2-3 chapters to go.

A Sip of Darkness, A Taste of Light - Nine/Rose - AU- Persephone/Hades type of AU - I think 3 chapters to go.

A Fractured Legacy - Dark Ten Verse - story 4 - Dark Ten/Rose - AU to Canon and I just started posting. It's 11 chapters and I'm editing sending to beta and then posting as I go along.

I'm hoping to be done with Traveling House in the next 2 weeks and then will focus on Sip of Darkness.

I'm not sure what I'm working on after that. I have several ideas but am still pondering.

Writing Projects

Time Lord Victorious
I finished my first draft of Dark!Ten 4! Yippee. I still need a title and to edit but it's much closer to posting.

So next up to be worked on is Sip of Darkness, Taste of Light. I've had part of this chapter done for a while so I need to finish it. After that, I'm going back for a Traveling House update.

Whew! The muse has been worked over lately :)


Nine x Rose Fic on AO3

Time Lord Victorious
Hi All!

I know that AO3 is a new thing for many and just wanted to pass along some info.  I'm on tumblr and receive a tumblr feed that lets me know any time anyone posts a Nine x Rose fic to AO3

Link for Nine x Rose AO3 notifications here

Here is one for Ten x Rose right here

It's a great way to stay on top of new fic and there are a few writers on AO3 who do not post to Teaspoon.

Just thought I'd share!



Time Lord Victorious
Big thanks and hugs to everyone who  helped Timelord1 report the plagiarism on FF.Net. The story has been taken down and the person apologized.  I know TL1 appreciated everyone's efforts :)



Time Lord Victorious
It's running rampant in the DW fanfiction community.  The latest victim is the lovely Timelord1.  Many of you remember that she wrote some really outstanding Nine/Rose fic - in particular an AU - New London High.  Someone on has taken her concept and characters and tweaked it and reposted it as her own.  She vaguely makes a reference to TL1 but seriously, these are TL1's character and plot and she DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION for them to be used.  She even used the same title and character names.


Please help get this fic taken down.  Thank you so much!

Sad To Do This But...

Time Lord Victorious
I will be beginning the slow process of deleting my writing from this site, Dreamwidth and FF.Net.  I will post everything at AO3 with links to my tumblr.  I'm sorry to have to do this but due to a recent thing that happened that made me super uncomfortable, I realized I need to narrow down where my writing work is posted.  I have to keep better control of things.  Some of what I've written is pretty tropey and standard DW Fanfic stuff but some is my own creative writing stuff and some AU things might be rewritten into original works (one is in the process already) so yeah, I need to do this.

This will take time as I want to load it on AO3 before I delete anything.  My AO3 account is here.

Writing Update

Time Lord Victorious
I finished a WIP!!!!!  Jumps for joy as I had 3 WIPs and yikes - that was a lot.  A Dark Path to Redemption is now complete :)  That leaves me with two Nine/Rose AUs:  Legend of the Traveling House and A Sip of Darkness, A Taste of Light.  I will be focusing on those to try and get them done as quickly as possible but it will take time as they are more complicated stories - especially at the current plot points.

I also have the next addition to my Dark!Ten verse in progress.  I have it mostly outlined and am very excited to get going with Story #4.  I hope people like it as much as I am enjoying plotting it out :)

I have also decided to work on some original fic.  Crossing my fingers that one in particular works out.  I'm working on a blog for a pen name and starting to build some social media for this endeavor.  It's a very scary proposition and I go through bouts of the business side of it seems impossible to I'm gonna do this dammit!  We will see!



Time Lord Victorious
Present WIPs are many!!!!!  Someone needs to slap my hands.

1.  A Dark Path to Redemption:   Dark Ten/Rose.  AU Mythology/Dystopia verse. I think I'm 3 chapters from being done and then I will post a link here on LJ - wooo  hoo

2.  Legend of The Traveling House - Nine/Rose  scifi/alt Gallifrey AU - I'm mid way done on this one - I think.  This is another one I'll post over here when complete

3.  A Sip of Darkness, A Taste of Light - Nine/Rose Hades/Persephone/SciFi/Fantasty/Dystopian AU  I just started this one but think it will only be 4-5 chapters

I am a glutton for punishment for starting so many WIPs.  Yes, I am on an AU kick :)


Under The Sea

Time Lord Victorious
TitleUnder The Sea
Characters:  Ten/Rose, Jackie, Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey
Genre:  AU - Merman AU or as some call it, Mer!Ten AU, Romance, Fairy Tale
Rating:  Teen
Disclaimer: Do not own Doctor Who or any of its lovely characters
Summary:  Rose Tyler was doing what she loved to do, study the sea. It had been a dream all her life. Despite complaints from her soon to be ex-boyfriend, Mickey, and her mother, both of whom wanted her to be in London, Rose had made a life for herself in Ogmore-By-Sea. Just as tensions with Mickey and her mother boiled up, life took a twisting turn. Rose met the enigmatic and half drowned Doctor on the beach and life would never be the same again for her.
A/N:  for tkross birthday.  A few people on tumblr suggested this idea and after LicieOIC posted art on tumblr, I decided TK shall have Ten/Rose Merman AU! It’s sort of a sweet fairytale and may contain references to Splash and The Little Mermaid. Thanks to whoinwhoville, dryadalis, dameofpowellestate and many more who helped nudge me along!

Blood, Death and Shagging

Time Lord Victorious
Title: Blood, Death and Shagging
Author: kelkat9
Rating: Adult/Explicit
Genre: AU Fright Night Crossover/Slayer Rose/Horror/Adventure
Pairing: Peter Vincent/Rose
Summary: Rose Tyler is a slayer. She travels the world in a fight against the undead. It's a thankless job and one that remains hidden from the rest of the world. Her next destination is Las Vegas, specifically, the Hard Rock Casino where a hunter known as Peter Vincent is about to need a little extra help. The two of them fit better than either wants to admit and subtle slow burn simmers between them. When vengeful vamp Joan shows up, she isn't the only one to end up in flames.
A/N: For Isilienelenihin's bday. Happy Bday Isi! Thanks to Littlewhomouse for Lord McBitey. This is a Peter Vincent/Rose Tyler AU (not a fobbed fic) contains lots of cursing, violence, vampires, some slight fem slash which if you blink you’ll miss (nothing explicit there) and Explicit Peter/Rose sex at the end.


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