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November is almost over!!!

Time Lord Victorious
This month has been so slammed pack I don't even know how I did it.  Between being in excruciating pain, nauseous and wondering how I would make it through my trip, to being slammed at work, under tremendous pressure, the ever present family guilt for not being near family during Thanksgiving, to financial pressures (yeah that a/c unit on my FL house just had to die right before my trip $4,000+ expense) to feeling guilty for going at all and not being a responsible adult to being exhausted, did I mention worried about health stuff after being given some possibly scary news and needing an MRI? and oh yes, trying to meet the 50,000 word NaNo goal.  Yikes.  But I survived it all.  Medication was rough but I'm through the initial horrible side effects and it's working - count me amazed.  Vacation was beyond worth the credit card bill I will be paying off.  And yes, my favorite part was seeing Richard II live and with the lovely incurableromantic!  Even hanging out in freezing cold weather to get an autograph and see the lovely skinny Scottish bloke in person was a highlight.  I would do it all again just for that experience :)  The rest of it was lovely too although very very rushed - we never stopped running and one day, we didn't eat other than a pastry and a diet coke!  I lost weight we ran around so much and packed so much in.

My family did not understand.  I posted a pic of DT to my FB and my brother didn't even know who he was!  Funny my lovely geeky nieces did as did my ex-sister-in-law who shamed him LOL!!!!!  Oh well, guess that just confirmed I am the rebel in the family.  Shrugs.  Work was work when I got back and the lovely thing was how much my boss missed me and was happy I was back - it was nice to feel appreciated :)  Thanksgiving was spent at home on my own and I did nothing but cook for me and relax and I loved it!  It was so nice to not have to go somewhere.

As for the DW 50th.  I have never posted so much meta in my life.  Seriously, I have been peppered on tumblr with asks and people asking me how I thought things fit together and why I thought that ep did not diminish my bebes Nine and Ten.  Of course, I had to respond ;)  I posted a ton of Meta on it and what was really really amusing was how some of the DW audience reacted.  Half of them didn't understand some of the Classic Who references and once you point it out to them, part of them still complained that they didn't care because it didn't make sense to them.  Oh my gosh, rolling my eyes.  Anyway, I am so not a meta writer and I don't even read much meta because it's so repetitive or people read way too much into something.  It's been interesting though.  I did enjoy certain aspects of the 50th more after watching them the second time.  I cannot wait for Capaldi!!!

Anyway, November is almost over and I reached my 50,000 word goal which astounds me as I didn't write for one whole week!  I still have to finish it.  I have several WIPs to finish now before I dive into anything else but hope to have time to bang some stuff out before Christmas.  WIPs are:

Untitled Regency Romance:  Novel length AU  Ten/Rose - he is such a twat in this (historical but there will be one smut scene)
A Dark Path to Redemption:  AU Ten/Rose - he is a dark character in this (yes there is a theme - this is working toward Smut)
Happily Ever After Isn't Just a Fairytale:  AU Ten/Rose - modern fairytale with Richard II hair as prompt - yes it's about the hair!

i want to finish up with Ten and move on to some other Doctor's.  I wrote a bunch of Nine earlier so started some Ten but I get bored writing just one Doctor so I know I have some Nine in my future :)



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Nov. 30th, 2013 02:27 pm (UTC)
Welcome back. All the good stuff sounds marvelous. The other - blech. but I hope you are feeling better now. As Rose said to Joshua in NQN, remember to breathe.

I'd like to read your metas. I'm not on tumblr. Do I need to be, to find you?

Nov. 30th, 2013 05:39 pm (UTC)
Nope! I'll post them here! Yeah, I want to get my Ten fic wrapped up. The Regency Romance probably has another 20,000 words for me to tie everything up. The other two are much shorter projects.

I really am feeling better which is pretty amazing considering how awful I was feeling. It just goes to show that you have to keep at doctors and when they pull the you need to lose weight and everything will be better card, that is not always the answer. I kept telling them something was wrong hormonly and it wasn't until I was literally in tears in the doctor's office having an ultrasound showing stuff was wrong that they believed me. Now my hormones are being regulated and it's like a miracle. I just can't believe how much better I feel. Still having some pain but it's tolerable.

I'll copy the meta into one post. I admit, I was pretty defensive over people trying to say Nine's story was diminished.
Nov. 30th, 2013 06:41 pm (UTC)
Less pain is very good!

I keep thinking how much more powerful it would have been if it had been Eight or Nine instead of 8.5. - especially Nine since we know him and what he went through. He'd be like a Greek tragic hero, in that he chose to do what he did knowing he'd live his life in the anguish of believing he had destroyed civilizations etc etc.

[I think it would have made more sense then that the-thing-that-looked-like Rose looked like Rose; but I really don't understand how the Moment could appear in that fashion and do what it did. I'd love enlightenment; wiki was no help :C Then Rose Tyler could be sent by RT/BW or ? to help him.... or not. I'm not afraid of paradoxes that follow Heinlein's paradigms. ]

Nothing can diminish Nine and Ten. The superb acting and interacting with the companions will stand.
Nov. 30th, 2013 07:31 pm (UTC)
Oh I agree, it would have meant a lot more if it had been Eight or Nine. I mean, JH did a good job but there really was no reason for him to be there. If CE didn't want to do it, PM would have and would have done a spectacular job. PM has the acting chops to go very dark and I would have enjoyed watching him. It really is such a tragedy when you think about it. It amazes me that people think the act of saving Gallifrey and repressing memories is a disservice to Nine. It is so much more tragic! I makes his pain that much more sad in a way because he suffered so much.

I think Billie Piper did a great job with what she was given. To me she really merged Rose and Idris in a slightly darker sense with a bit of Eternal/Guardian of Time thrown in there. My head canon was that when Rose merged with the TARDIS and became Bad Wolf, she made this happen, added a bit of herself to the Moment to save him. It would have been like her to do that, give the weapon a conscious and it would be like the TARDIS to put a spin on it to help guide him with both of them wanting him safe. She did say she was ending the Time War in PotW and in my head that may have included this :)

I'm looking forward to Capaldi. Although, sadly, I hear he is still working with Moffat. BUT, Moffat has admitted that Capaldi has called him on some of his plot choices and it's about damn time! I hope Capaldi continues to do so!
Nov. 30th, 2013 08:56 pm (UTC)
She did say she was ending the Time War in PotW and in my head that may have included this :) I think you are brilliant, yes of course she did. That sets the paradox in canon. It was Rose/BW who did it.

To my mind, it's:
the way that "Night of the Doctor" was thrown at us (somewhat meaningless though it was beautiful to see him dark) with 8 regenerating for no good reason (as our Doctors tend to do), and then 8.5 was thrown into Day of the Doctor totally superfluous to ESTABLISHED canon (8 would have fought and taken on all responsibility), and as more than a bit of a comic foil to Mutt and Jeff (Abbot and Costello, Bert and Ernie, Chinny and Skinny)

people who came into DW with the new Doctors don't have the feel of him as the same Doctor with different superficial characteristics (though I do believe RTD & SM are responsible for that). I.E: they don't think *sigh* another regeneration to get used to, but he's the Doctor and I know I'll love him eventually.

What plot choices? This may be the best gossip I'll hear in a long time. lol

Dec. 1st, 2013 06:33 pm (UTC)
Okay, we'll try this again, since LJ is content to be a jerk today, eating comments and failing to load in a timely manner. :-p

This is RoseByAnyOtherName from Teaspoon, btw. I just wanted to congratulate you on finishing NaNoWriMo, even having missed a week of writing! Woot! I still can't believe I pulled it off myself-I've failed every year except this one, and I had to finish early to accomodate my insane Black Friday work week schedule. So doing 50k and having missed time is a feat that deserves high fives all around!

Secondly, I'm reccing over on Calufrax this week, and I'm pouring through all of your stuff I've ever read trying to decide which one to recc. Because as awesome and prolific a writer as you are, no one has ever recced your stuff and I think it's flippin' criminal.

Also, insanely jealous you got to go see DT in Richard II. I hope an appropriate amount of fangirling was involved. ;-)
Dec. 1st, 2013 06:46 pm (UTC)
Hi there!!! And congrats on NaNo!!!! It takes so much work and dedication to get through those 50,000 words so GREAT JOB!!!! Ugh and yes LJ has been a pain of late! I don't post as much here because it's just so hard to successfully post anything. I've tried crossposting through Dreamwidth and even that failed so sympathies!

And YES there was a huge amount of fangirling by both myself and lastincurableromantic aka incurableromantic. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and really really worth it and I've told everyone that if you get the chance to see him live in a play - DO IT!! It's worth scrimping and saving and living on rice for a while LOL.

Thank you so much for considering me for Calufrax. I'm really honored!
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